A Golden Rule to Manage Your Workplace Stress

Golden Rule to Managing Workplace Stress: Having gone for a sea bath, don’t be afraid of the oncoming waves. Take your plunge!

Here are some things to keep in mind about the workplace:

  • It involves lots of stress.
  • Without the stressful environment, is a blessing.
  • Given a cheerfully disposed staff and the administration that maintains the human relations at its best, it can be a great place!

At times, you may find that despite your best efforts, everyone around you seems dissatisfied; the reasons are sometimes beyond your understanding. Your co-workers aren’t happy with you, and some may not hesitate to taunt you. Your boss frowns at you for no apparent reason. The hustle and bustle of office life may seem downright unbearable at times. These are just some of the issues that contribute to your job workplace stress.

If someone else can be blamed for your stress, you also share that blame to an even greater degree allowing it. Take charge and stand firm. Yes, it is possible; it is achievable.

There’s a story that goes: An educated man, fed up of his job workplace stress, ran away to Himalayas. There he met a Yogi. The youngster knelt down at his feet with all humility and prayed that he wants to stay at His hermitage, as he was fed up of the city life and the job workplace stress. Yogi’s reply was historic: Don’t runaway to any Ashram; create an Ashram, where you are!

What you need to do is analyze and understand your stress, removing the negativities one by one. Unburden the burden! Unload the negative thoughts out of your mind, one by one and reduce the heavy load that you unnecessarily carry on your head.

There was another young man who wanted to take a bath in the sea. He stood at the seashore all the time worrying- let these waves disappear from the ocean and then I’ll take bath. Will that situation ever be possible? The message here would be: having gone for a sea bath, don’t be afraid of the oncoming waves. Take your plunge!

With a positive mindset, it’s possible to control and transcend job workplace stress. Stick to your job, have patience and understanding! Remember, everything is happening as it should; just be ready for it!


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